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Jed Prouty

Jed Prouty ( April 6th, 1879 - May 10th, 1956)

American actor Jed Prouty got his first taste of show business as a teenaged performer at Austin Stone's Museum (a sort of flea circus-variety show concern) in his native Boston. Working for years as a vaudeville song and dance man, Prouty made it to Broadway in 1921, appearing occasionally in silent films. The actor was prominently cast as a stuttering actor's agent Uncle Jed in his first talking picture, the Oscar-winning Broadway Melody (1929), though he found it expedient to drop the stammer for his subsequent films. Most often in bits and character roles in A-pictures -- as, for example, the unctuous columnist in A Star is Born (1937) -- Prouty was firmly in the lead in the Jones Family series of B-comedies filmed by 20th Century-Fox. Prouty played the Jones paterfamilias, with Spring Byington as his wife, in nearly all seventeen pictures in the Jones series. Jed Prouty is also familiar to Alice Faye fans for his antic appearance in Ms. Faye's Hollywood Cavalcade (1939), wherein he was made up to resemble silent comedian Ford Sterling for the film's slapstick chase sequences. Hal Erickson

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